Catching the mobile train … or tram

The recent slew of statistics on the rapid increase of mobile devices to access online services, whether via mobile internet or via apps, emphasises the need to plan for a large majority of visitors to online information to access it via smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices.

Take the travel industry for example: recent figures show that 47% of the UK market have booked travel online (  Or note that there are now 1.2B mobile web users worldwide and website hits from mobile devices doubled in the year to January 2012 (

So services need quickly to implement the necessary solutions to make mobile access easy and an enjoyable experience.  Even more so, new services should be designed to from the start with this in mind.  The mobile train (or tram, in deference to this site’s banner picture) is underway and accelerating quickly and we must run to get on board..

For this reason, we at MovingMarketing are taking stock and thinking how we need to include mobile support in the first release of our solutions.  It may take us a little longer, but  it is an important strategic decision and worth a few more weeks delay.

About roger

I am passionate about helping companies to understand the needs of their customers and potential customers and to develop their products, services and communication to address these needs and provide great benefits. MovingMarketing is designed to help companies provide regular videos and podcasts (moving pictures and sound) simply and efficiently in a way that moves the customers to respond.
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