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The focus of MovingMarketing is initially on short videos – less than 1 minute – which can be used to put across marketing messages quickly and with more impact than written copy.

But instruction videos which demonstrate something useful (how to use a product or service, teaching a technique or fact) to an interested audience can be much longer and hold the attention.

A good example I came across just now is
which demonstrates a coding technique.

It is for techies and so is found on a relevant section (App Cloud 101) of the Brightcove site and it benefits from

  1. Capturing  screen activity which clearly shows what needs to be done at each stage.  The commentary is good and it takes you through stage by stage with simple examples
  2. Showing the author in a small frame on the screen: adds personality and life, markets the author but does not get in the way of the teaching
  3. Is a reasonable length (6 minutes) to hold attention but teach a useful technique

Simple but effective – and most businesses can find a topic around their products and services that they could treat in the same way in order to market themselves

About roger

I am passionate about helping companies to understand the needs of their customers and potential customers and to develop their products, services and communication to address these needs and provide great benefits. MovingMarketing is designed to help companies provide regular videos and podcasts (moving pictures and sound) simply and efficiently in a way that moves the customers to respond.
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