Learning to create videos – the first output

Today was the day for posting my first video on my website.

I finished rewriting my script to talk to the audience and about them.  Also, I divided it into six small sections, hopefully to make it easy to read.  It took over an hour to cut out unnecessary words and sentences so that it was only one minute long.

Then I used my mobile phone, still just propped up on a table to record myself.  This time I had the script typed out by my side.  Whenever I needed a prompt, I took my time reading it and then looked back to the camera to continue.  I still found my mind often going blank.  But I could just look back at the script and then retry.

The only issue with creating a long video with many parts to cut out (pauses and stumbles) was that some of the cuts were a little jerky.

Also the final video was a little wobbly, but I used the Movie Maker “Video Stabilisation” option of “Anti shake and wobble correction – high”.

Once again I topped and tailed the video with an intro produced using Viddyoze with music, and an outro of my contact details.  When I looked at these in Movie Maker, the text seemed fuzzy but once I had saved the movie, the resolution was reasonable.

Screenshot from Windows Movie Maker of structure of video in preparation

Video compression and production of Webm version using my trusty utilities Videosmaller and Zamzar completed the preparation of the video files.

The last stage was the upload to the home page of rogerstoneconsultancy.com where I changed the page layout to incorporate it.

While the video is far from perfect, it provides a different, and for most people, better way of addressing my website audience than just text to read.

There are many things I want to improve and try out including:

  • Removing the black bars at the side of the video
  • Stories in the script to bring it to life
  • Better lighting for the video since half my face is in shadow
  • Avoid wobble (instead of editing it out)
  • Smoother transition between the edits I made in the video
  • Replace parts of the video with illustrative slides while keeping the voice soundtrack
  • Adding subtitles
  • Try learning a script by heart and comparing it to ad-libbing
  • Do a video of a blog post and post that on YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as linking to it from my website

However, the major thing is that I have a good start on my video creation learning.  I have learnt by doing.

About roger

I am passionate about helping companies to understand the needs of their customers and potential customers and to develop their products, services and communication to address these needs and provide great benefits. MovingMarketing is designed to help companies provide regular videos and podcasts (moving pictures and sound) simply and efficiently in a way that moves the customers to respond.
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