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There is a great article on iMediaConnection by Adam Kleinberg on what he calls the Online Video Continuum.  It shows the many different types of online video that exist on a spectrum from pre-roll ads to branded media and highlights the fact that most companies are focusing on the two ends of the spectrum.

But there are plenty of other points on the spectrum which offer great opportunities for video marketing with the right combination of format / length / quality / content and the right distribution platform.  One example is instructional videos that I talked about briefly in my previous blog post but there are many others including news, insights from key people in the company and user generated videos.

With all of these opportunities the key is to plan what responses you want and what messages and questions will provoke these responses, then find the effective and affordable ways to script, produce and distribute the videos, followed by the vital stages of following up responses and measuring results.

It is effective ways that fit into limited budgets that we will be exploring and offering on this website.


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I am passionate about helping companies to understand the needs of their customers and potential customers and to develop their products, services and communication to address these needs and provide great benefits. MovingMarketing is designed to help companies provide regular videos and podcasts (moving pictures and sound) simply and efficiently in a way that moves the customers to respond.
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  1. Thanks for the link. In retrospect, the one area I think was absent from my article is what I’m calling “discoverable video” — video found via search. Your example of instructional video falls into this camp and is a great opportunity for brands. Just this past weekend (Memorial Day), I found myself searching for videos on how to smoke a brisket with my new Brinkman grill. That would have been a great opportunity for Brinkman (or Weber) to be discovered and provide value and depend our relationship.

    The brisket was delicious, btw.


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