The need for video marketing

There are several factors driving the need  for companies to include videos as an important part of their marketing

  • videos are given high weighting by search engines and so it is important to have them to help make your websites and other presence on the internet (such as Facebook pages) stand out by being highly ranked in relevant searches
  • devices used to access content from the net are more and more capable of displaying and streaming video of high quality
  • buyers, in both the consumer and business markets, are increasingly using mobile phones and tablets to access content and these devices lend themselves to displaying videos
  • videos are more engaging than still images and far more than written words

Image of a mobile phone screen with an array of app icons

Large companies often have a history of using videos, since they have the resources to invest in TV advertising and the need to broadcast information to large workforces.   But for medium and small companies, video is often a new experience.  It is also often considered a medium that is too expensive and requires too much specialist knowledge.

But the increasing simplicity and availability of cameras (from mobile phones upwards), of video editing software and of social media platforms brings video capability within the reach and budget of all companies.

MovingMarketing is bringing together a set of processes and tools to enable SMEs to make the best use of the video marketing opportunity.  These will cover three areas:

  • planning a video marketing strategy and campaigns: how they fit into an overall marketing strategy, what subjects to cover, what messages to include, frequency, planning a video
  • creating a video: tools for producing and editing
  • gaining an audience and gathering feedback: where to place videos, how to draw attention to them and how to engage the audience

We are working hard to ensure the right selection of processes and tools to ensure that video marketing will fit into every company’s marketing budget and become a valuable and regular activity for companies to enhance their brands, make announcements and engage their customers

About roger

I am passionate about helping companies to understand the needs of their customers and potential customers and to develop their products, services and communication to address these needs and provide great benefits. MovingMarketing is designed to help companies provide regular videos and podcasts (moving pictures and sound) simply and efficiently in a way that moves the customers to respond.
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